Demonstrating Yin Yang “Fa-Jin” Force and Potential Application to American Football

This article describes a technique known, demonstrated, and practiced for at least a couple of hundreds of years. It is part of the technique known as “Fa-Jin” (发劲), which is practiced in many internal martial arts such as Taiji. Fa-Jin means to issue or discharge a large amount of power, and it is not specific to any particular striking method. We see that people who know such techniques can easily cause an opponent being pushed away by several meters. This article describes such a technique and demonstration by Master Lin kuancheng (林冠澄) of Taiwan to apply a very strong force on an opponent.

Although it is a well-known martial arts technique that can be demonstrated by numerous people for literally centuries, its technique is somewhat mysterious, and it is not easily taught. As a matter of fact, many students who have studied martial arts for many years may have never learned and mastered such techniques. But such techniques have been seen by many people in many demonstrations, as in the video below:

This video is explained and demonstrated by Master Lin Kuanchang, who is a Taiji master based in Taiwan, who has spent his past many years studying, demonstrating, and explaining his method.

Master Lin Kuanchang explains that his technique is actually very simple and is based on the method of yin yang when your body is very relaxed, or “song” in Chinese (放松), and instead of trying to exert an outward yang force of pushing an opponent backward, you must first exert a small backward yin force, followed almost immediately by an outward yang force. When you do that, surprisingly your outward yang force is magnified much more than if you first apply an outward yang force without first applying a small inward yin force.

In the video in the above link using the leg as an example, Master Lin Kuanchang would first move one leg slightly backward, then followed by moving that leg forward. Then you can clearly see that the yin-yang method can result in a yang force that is much larger than the yang force without first applying the small backward yin force.

Similarly, the above video also shows that a similar yin-yang technique can also be used on the arm, i.e., one arm would also first move slightly backward, then followed almost immediately by that arm moving forward. Of course, if you combine the leg and arm methods in the same application, then the result can be even magnified,

Master Lin Kuanchang also illustrated his technique when it is applied to the chest. But applying it to the chest is much more difficult and is not elaborated or explained in detail in the above video.

Since the Fa-Jin method of force can be applied in defense and offense, as seen in another video as demonstrated by Master Liang De Hua of Thailand:

This is a long video (20:50 minutes). The first 8:30 minutes provides an introduction and the theory behind it. The section (9:00-14:45 minutes) shows some applications.

In my opinion, applying the Fa-Jin method of force to an opponent should be able to be used in American football between offensive linemen and defensive linemen. The most difficult part of the technique is to relax the body in the proper way (i.e., “song”, or 放松 in Chinese). The question is how long does it take for someone to learn that kind of technique and apply it effectively and consistently in a real situation of playing American football. If that technique can be taught and learned in a matter of a few months, or even in one year or two, then we could have a breakthrough technique of using the Fa-Jin method of martial arts to American football.

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