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Comments for Don Tow's Website http://www.dontow.com Sun, 27 Nov 2022 22:45:09 +0000 hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.8.6 Comment on Perspective on U.S.-China Relationship – War or Peace by Corinne http://www.dontow.com/2022/09/perspective-on-u-s-china-relationship-war-or-peace/#comment-2543895 Mon, 05 Sep 2022 11:36:37 +0000 https://www.dontow.com/?p=7840#comment-2543895 Don you make many good points.

Organizations that support peace are important. All governments have done good as well as evil things to others. With education one can learn to make choices that help humanity. Unfortunately sometimes these choices are shortsighted as with the last administration and create massive problems which slow the growth of peace. You are correct in advocating support for organizations that work to stem the silliness that is growing in the US and elsewhere worldwide. But education is the key. Good education.

Comment on A Conversation with Tamaki Matsuoka: “The Conscience of Japan” by Christina leung http://www.dontow.com/2022/06/a-conversation-with-tamaki-matsuoka-the-conscience-of-japan/#comment-2397356 Sat, 02 Jul 2022 18:35:22 +0000 https://www.dontow.com/?p=7674#comment-2397356 Your article makes the public aware of the significant work of Tamaki, as well as to add more concrete evidence & valuable testimony of the Nanking massacre.

Your question to Tamaki, “Did you know that this project would consume you full time ……”, probably, a similar question applies to your website too. Various related articles in your website indicate numerous time, effort, & energy spent before publication. I understand your endurance because many years ago I worked on a web-page on the Chinese-Americans’ contribution to the development of USA.

Comment on A Conversation with Tamaki Matsuoka: “The Conscience of Japan” by Sharon Dolled http://www.dontow.com/2022/06/a-conversation-with-tamaki-matsuoka-the-conscience-of-japan/#comment-2349552 Sat, 04 Jun 2022 23:39:50 +0000 https://www.dontow.com/?p=7674#comment-2349552 I am glad that Tamaki has still been able to continue her work to seek out survivors of the Massacre at Nanking as well as soldiers from the Japanese Imperial Army. She has recorded horrid crimes against the Chinese and others during WW II. This information still needs to be further brought into the schools for young students to become aware of the atrocities.

Comment on U.S. Foreign Policy: Not Acknowledging History and Tempting Starting a Nuclear War by S. B. Woo http://www.dontow.com/2022/06/u-s-foreign-policy-not-acknowledging-history-and-tempting-starting-a-nuclear-war/#comment-2342236 Wed, 01 Jun 2022 12:49:13 +0000 https://www.dontow.com/?p=7659#comment-2342236 Dear Don:

You have the courage to select “untouchable” topics and discuss it openly. That is very rare in the Chinese American community, and in the mainstream media. I salute you for that.

However, I like to encourage you to greatly improve the quality of your publications. One example is your statement “then it crosses the openly stated red line of the People’s Republic of China,”. When you raise such a point, you are obligated to tell your readers what this “openly stated red line of PRC” is, and reference your source(s). Your current publications read to me that you are stating your personal views. It lacks the authority of a carefully researched article.

Thank you. Please keep doing what you are doing, but greatly improve the quality of your publications. S. B. Woo

PS: I don’t understand your 2nd and 3rd boxes above. Please give more explanation. Thank you.

Comment on Soccer by Don http://www.dontow.com/soccer/#comment-2302881 Sun, 08 May 2022 16:30:16 +0000 http://dontow.com/wordpress/?page_id=2#comment-2302881 Currently there is no audiobook version of my book.

Comment on Soccer by Tim http://www.dontow.com/soccer/#comment-2302135 Sun, 08 May 2022 05:56:30 +0000 http://dontow.com/wordpress/?page_id=2#comment-2302135 I totally agree that playing without the ball is as important if not more important than playing with possession of the ball. Is there an audiobook version of your publication as well?

Comment on One of the World’s Best Geriatric Centers by Christina leung http://www.dontow.com/2009/04/one-of-the-worlds-best-geriatric-centers/#comment-2274118 Tue, 26 Apr 2022 19:55:41 +0000 http://dontow.com/wordpress/?p=173#comment-2274118 Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Wong & his co-workers for their significant achievement in providing a happy life to seniors! Persistence & endurance in decades of hard work to fulfil a meaningful dream are admirable. I hope this valuable program will keep on flourishing despite of imminent resource issues.

Comment on Tale of Two Standards in World Politics – Part I by Christina Leung http://www.dontow.com/2022/03/tale-of-two-standards-in-world-politics-part-i/#comment-2169446 Tue, 01 Mar 2022 18:17:10 +0000 https://www.dontow.com/?p=7515#comment-2169446 A concise depiction of US history which draws our attention to historical facts and leads us to question some current hypocritical political strategies in play.

Comment on Tale of Two Standards in World Politics – Part II by RUBY P TSAO http://www.dontow.com/2022/03/tale-of-two-standards-in-world-politics-part-ii/#comment-2169293 Tue, 01 Mar 2022 15:21:25 +0000 https://www.dontow.com/?p=7547#comment-2169293 Meticulous research with statistics, powerful analysis of US history on democracy and human rights; war and peace. I hope you can publish it in US national media for Americans. Ruby P Tsao

Comment on Tale of Two Standards in World Politics – Part II by Daniel Wang http://www.dontow.com/2022/03/tale-of-two-standards-in-world-politics-part-ii/#comment-2168886 Tue, 01 Mar 2022 07:52:41 +0000 https://www.dontow.com/?p=7547#comment-2168886 Thank you for sharing your article about World Politics. I enjoyed reading it.
If I may, please add the financial health of the US government to your discussion (Part III?)

The US is 30T in debt and yet the GDP is only 23T.
The US government now must borrow money to balance the budget. As such it does not have money
for many important projects such as infrastructure reconstruction, and advanced R&D research.
Lack of money is why the US is lagging behind China in technology innovations.
So if the US falls into 2nd place, and China leads, how can the US maintain world peace,
let alone the American Dream?

The Roman empire collapsed not because of its enemy, but because of financial bankruptcy.
The U.S. is marching toward a similar financial bankruptcy due to years of fiscal irresponsibility.
In the COVID-19 crisis, the US government printed over 6T (stimulus + QE) resulting in the current high inflation
that is eating away the US productivity and forcing the Fed to raise the interest rates which are
very bad for businesses. The US government now must pay over 500B of interest per year.
In a sense, the US financial condition is collapsing slowly right in front of our eyes but politicians don’t care
because they are all short-term focused.

Best Regards,