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The is the website of Don M. Tow. It contains articles in three topical categories (or pages): Political/Social Commentary, Taiji, and Other Topics.  Currently, a new release of this website is published usually every three months.  The website also has a fourth category “Soccer” about the soccer book that I published in 2006.

Any article in a particular category can be accessed via the corresponding category on the menu bar at the top of the page.  Any article in a particular release can be accessed via the corresponding release on the right sidebar.

This website began in October 2006, and the website has been redesigned twice, once in October 2008, and the second time in November 2009.

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Wonders and Mysteries of Chinese Martial Arts

Internal and external components of Chinese martial arts: There is an internal component and there is an external component of Chinese martial arts. Internal component talks about Qi, some sort of bio-electric energy that circulates throughout the body. With proper training, one can build up and guide this Qi to circulate in one’s body. Practicing and building up this Qi to certain parts of your body can strengthen the power that you can exert externally and also increase your capacity to absorb the power of a strike.

But how this is done is mysterious, although most important. However, because I am not sure that today there is a good simple scientific explanation of the internal aspects of Chinese martial arts that is more or less universally accepted, I will not discuss this further here, except that I will refer to two sample videos that demonstrate the internal powers of Chinese martial arts. [1] [2]

The external component of Chinese martial arts can be understood in terms of physics and mathematics:

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Campaign to Promote Peace Between the United States and China

Under the sponsorship of the Coalition Peace Initiative (CPI):, we recently (from 9/22/2021 to 11/17/2021) completed a series of 9 webinars “To Promote Peace Between the United States and China”. Reference [1] provides more information on the details (such as speakers, topics, and co-sponsors) of this 9-part webinar program. Reference 2 on the topic “China Is Not United States’ Enemy” is the crux of this webinar series.

This article summarizes the main points presented in this 9 webinar program.

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