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The is the website of Don M. Tow. It contains articles in three topical categories (or pages): Political/Social Commentary, Taiji, and Other Topics.  Currently, a new release of this website is published usually every three months.  The website also has a fourth category “Soccer” about the soccer book that I published in 2006.

Any article in a particular category can be accessed via the corresponding category on the menu bar at the top of the page. Any article in a particular release can be accessed via the corresponding release on the right sidebar.

This website began in October 2006, and the website has been redesigned twice, once in October 2008, and the second time in November 2009.

Due to WordPress is no longer supporting the “theme” (Modern Style) I have used for my website for more than the past 15 years, I will need to choose another WordPress theme in the future. At that time, changing the “theme” will change the structure and appearance of my website.

We welcome comments from readers. Readers can directly submit their comments at the end of any article.

Some Thoughts on AI and Unsolved Puzzles of Physics

Recently a lot of attention has focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help the human mind to attack all kinds of problems. A natural question is whether AI can help us solve some of the outstanding puzzles facing physics today. In a recent post in this website (December 2023) we discussed a personal view of the most important discoveries in physics (I must emphasize the words “personal view” as different people could have much different choices). For example, as we already mentioned in that article, Dmitri Mendeleev of the Periodic Table and some of the major discoveries regarding the origin and development of the universe are not on that list. The 12 items that appeared in the list are the following: Read More »

Some Simple Techniques to Remember and to Respond in Times of Emergencies

One of my Taiji students mentioned to me that several years ago, her mom was crossing the street in Taiwan when a car suddenly appeared behind her honked her horn.  She fell to the ground out of fear and was unable to walk due to the injury to her tailbone when she fell.  Because she also had Osteoporosis and poor kidney function, the doctor did not recommend surgery, and she could only lie in bed for about half a year, before she passed away.  Her mom was 91 at the time of the incident, and she passed away at age 92.

This caused my friend to ask “are there some simple techniques that could have helped an elderly person to respond in an unexpected emergency situation similar to what her mom encountered several years ago.

This led me to write the following article “Some simple techniques to remember and to respond in times of emergencies.” Read More »

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