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The is the website of Don M. Tow. It contains articles in three topical categories (or pages): Political/Social Commentary, Taiji, and Other Topics.  Currently, a new release of this website is published usually every three months.  The website also has a fourth category “Soccer” about the soccer book that I published in 2006.

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This website began in October 2006, and the website has been redesigned twice, once in October 2008, and the second time in November 2009.

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What Is Qigong?

Qigong (氣功) has a long history of several thousand years and is practiced by many people throughout the years.  It is practiced today by millions of people in China as well as in many other parts of the world.  With such a long history involving so many people and numerous teachers/masters, there are many types of Qigong.  However, the theory of Qigong is really based on concepts behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes examining external appearances, examining internal conditions (e.g., via listening to one’s pulse), analyzing patient’s descriptions of his/her ailments, prescribing herbal medicines, utilizing techniques such as Tui Na (), acupressure, and acupuncture.  This article provides an introduction to Qigong.
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Meaning of 12/28/2015 Japan and South Korea’s Oral Agreement on Comfort Women

On December 28, 2015, it was announced by the governments of South Korea and Japan that they had reached an agreement to settle the decades-old dispute on the Comfort Women issue.  Just exactly what was that agreement, and did it settle this long dispute between South Korea and Japan?  This article discusses these questions.
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