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The is the website of Don M. Tow. It contains articles in three topical categories (or pages): Political/Social Commentary, Taiji, and Other Topics. Currently, a new release of this website is published usually every three months. The website also has a fourth category “Soccer” about the soccer book that I published in 2006.

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This website began in October 2006, and the website has been redesigned twice, once in October 2008, and the second time in November 2009.

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Taiji and Alzheimer Disease

A recent research study shows that practicing Taiji can increase the brain size and results in improvements in several cognitive tests that may suggest reducing the probability of getting Alzheimer Disease or delaying its onset.

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Two Recently Revealed Japanese Documents on Japanese WWII Atrocities

Two sets of recently released Japanese documents should remove any doubts that people may still have on the veracity of the massive and inhumane atrocities committed by the Japanese military in Asia during WWII.  One is the “Exhibition of the 27th General Assembly of the Japan Medical Congress:  WAR & Medicine” that was held in Osaka in 2007.  The other is a massive collection of 89 documents written by Japanese officers and soldiers discovered underground in 1953 and recently released by the Jiling Provincial Archives in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province in China’s northeast.

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