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The is the website of Don M. Tow. It contains articles in three topical categories (or pages): Political/Social Commentary, Taiji, and Other Topics.  Currently, a new release of this website is published usually every three months.  The website also has a fourth category “Soccer” about the soccer book that I published in 2006.

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This website began in October 2006, and the website has been redesigned twice, once in October 2008, and the second time in November 2009.

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Review of Fundamental Principles of Taiji

As we have discussed in several earlier articles, Taiji is a good health exercise for people of all ages, and also a good martial art.  There are many fundamental principles of Taiji that contribute to its success as a good health exercise and a good martial art.  We have discussed all of these principles in our earlier articles.  Because the discussions have been scattered over several articles and they were discussed together with other topics, it is worthwhile to capture all these fundamental principles of Taiji in one article, which is the purpose of this essay.
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September 22, 2015: A Historic Day for San Francisco and the World

On the evening of September 22, 2015, the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco voted unanimously to pass a resolution that states “That the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco during the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II expresses its strong support of creating a public memorial in memory of those girls and women who suffered immeasurable pain and humiliation as sex slaves and as a sacred place for remembrance, reflection, remorsefulness, and atonement for generations to come.”

This was a historic day for San Francisco, the U.S., and the world  It marked an important milestone in a series of milestones to try to correct a great injustice and atrocity that occurred more than 70-80 years ago involving hundreds of thousands of women and young girls who were forced into sexual slavery (often euphemistically called comfort women).
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