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Review of New Book “Research of Martial Arts” by Jonathan Bluestein

Synopsis:  Jonathan Bluestein’s new book Research of Martial Arts is an ambitious book that discusses many important and difficult topics in more details than most martial arts books.  In particular, it discusses and compares the external approach to martial arts (also known as external martial arts) and the internal approach to martial arts (also known as internal martial arts).  It discusses various martial arts from the health perspective, physiological perspective, philosophical perspective, and the combat perspective.  Of course for such an ambitious book, what Jonathan wrote is not necessarily the final word on the subject, but it is definitely a significant contribution to stimulate additional discussion on these important topics.  To his credit, I believe that Jonathan also agrees with the previous statement, as he wrote in his Introduction:  “This book was written to promote understanding – of martial arts, life and other human beings.  It is through understanding that we grow.  Still, it is only natural that many of you will have disagreements with some parts of my book, or with my personal opinions, and I wholeheartedly accept this reality.  …”

Nevertheless, I think many people will learn some valuable information from this 418-page book.

About the book authorJonathan Bluestein is a martial arts teacher and author from Israel who has studied a variety of martial arts.  He is the founder of Tianjin Martial Arts Academy in Israel where he teaches the traditional Chinese martial arts Xing Yi Quan and Pigua Zhang.
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A Son Remembering His Mother

When I think of my 103 year-old mother, so many memories flash through my mind, from her winning the 50-meter sprint championship as a teenager, to a mother who lost her oldest son at a young age, to her raving beauty throughout her life, to a woman who had to pull up roots five times, including a move to a country with no friends and not speaking a word of the language, to a 100+ year-old great grandmother who no longer recognizes me, his youngest son.
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