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The Essence of Taijiquan Part 1: Perspective from Taiji Push Hands

In an earlier article “Yin-Yang Theory and Martial Applications of Taijiquan” published in December 2006 in this website, we said that Taijiquan was originated as a martial art and we discussed the underlying basis behind Taijiquan as a martial art.  In Taijiquan, one doesn’t oppose an opponent’s attack force with a frontal counter force, but […]

Additional Analysis of Racial Group Staff Disparities in NJ School Districts

A previous article “Racial Group Staff Disparities in NJ School Districts” published in February 2007 in this website (see “Archived Pol/Soc Commentary” page) presented our initial analysis of racial group (RG) staff disparities in NJ school districts. That analysis showed that there is significant under-representation of minority RGs at the certificated staff level for the […]

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