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Brief Comparison of the Chen and Yang Style Taijiquan

There are five major Taijiquan styles:  Chen (陈式), Yang (楊式), Wu (吴式), Sun (孙式), and Wu (武式, a different Chinese character from the other Wu Style).  The two most important styles are often considered to be the Chen Style and the Yang Style.  The Chen Style was the original Taijiquan style that gave rise directly […]

Government Spending and America’s Future

Some Statistics Regarding Government Spending In Fiscal Year 2007, the U.S. federal government’s revenue was $2.57 trillion, but it spent $2.73 trillion.  This means that the federal government had to go into a debt of $160 billion just for 2007.  Now, spending more than taking in is not a new phenomenon with our federal government, […]

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