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Stages of Learning Taijiquan As a Martial Art

Taiji is both a martial art and a good health exercise for people of all ages.  As a matter of fact, when it was first invented several hundred years ago, it was even more used as a martial art, e.g., to protect villages from bandits or as body guards for transporting people and goods.  That […]

A New Study on Effectiveness of Taiji to Relieve Neck Pain

For the treatment of chronic nonspecific neck pain, an international (Germany, Australia, China, and U.S.) research team recently found that doing Taiji (another spelling is Tai Chi) is just as effective as doing neck exercise therapy, and significantly more effective than not doing anything at all.  Their finding was published in the September 2016 issue […]

Why Meditation Is An Important Part of Taiji and Qigong

Introduction:  In an earlier article “Meditation: An Often Neglected Component of Taiji Practice”, it stated that there are three major components of Taiji practice:  Forms, Push Hands, and Meditation.  Essentially all Taiji practitioners practice Forms, and those who are interested in Taiji as a martial art most likely would also practice or have practiced Push […]

Sensory Awareness and Taiji

Sensory Awareness is a field of health science that emphasizes that awareness of our sensory perceptions can contribute positively to our physical and mental health, as well as a positive outlook on life and a more caring attitude toward others and the society as a whole.  Sensory Awareness sharpens our senses to provide a more […]