3 Responses to “How to Understand Japan’s Intransigent Policy Toward Her WWII Atrocities?”

  1. Nancy M. Lee says:

    Hi, Don: Absolutely well said. I am forwarding your article to my friends for their education.


  2. David Monkawa says:

    You’re basically correct about the role of the US oligarchy representing corporate interests and their junior partners the Japanese zaibatsu. Now, just need to separate the peace movement and anti-Fascist activists who were jailed and persecuted during WW2 in Japan as well as being more repressed now. So referring to Japan, as the Japanese oligarchy or Japanese elites will gain you more allies (conceptually at least) instead of generalizations like “Japan” as a whole. During the US war of aggression against Vietnam. The Vietnamese people gained respect by insisting that the people of the US is our friends it is only the government and small clique of military elites an their corporate interests we oppose. It would also apply to China, which has both hawks and doves in relation to foreign policy.

  3. Nancy M. Lee says:

    Don: This is comment from my friend who, I sent your article to. Nancy

    This article in my opinion deserves serious reading. Every viewpoint is supported by historical documents or publications by historians. It certainly has broadened my understanding of the subject. But I still believe Japanese resistance to admit their WWII atrocities is mainly due to their national character. *The Japanese people only recognize might, they have no real feeling towards humanity. Therefore we see them expressing apology to the US for their bombing of Pearl Harbor and showing (hypocritical) deep sympathy for jews massacred during WWII. But they have never made consistent apology for their atrocities of Asians during WWII. Somehow the Japanese have managed to forget they are Asians. A nation does not respect their own race is despicable and atrocious.

    I say the Japanese people as a whole because the majority of them voted for the Abe government and still support Abe.


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