One Response to “U.S.-China Relationship Can Use Another Anson Burlingame*”

  1. Dominic Li says:

    I totally agreed that a war with China is more than mutual destruction to the detriment of both countries. I was not keen about Obama policy in Asia in particularly how he chose to deal with China. In spite of all the sabre rattling and posturing in South China Sea, I still do not think China has any intent to invade or bully other ASEAN nations. This is my second year living in China and my perception of ordinary Chinese citizens is that they are more concern with the prospect of peaceful daily life and earn a living. In spite of some Sino-phobic attitude of certain Americans, China is a communist country by name only and the economic pursuit is no different than any western developed countries. China, like any developing country, would need to upgrade their military to defend herself. This upgrade is unfortunately perceived by Pentagon as aggressive behavior. Unless China acts differently, my opinion is same as yours – a long term peaceful cooperation between 2 countries and both would benefit from better trade, growth and mutual respect.

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