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Quantum Physics: From Mysteries to Reality?

The United Nations has proclaimed 2025 as the International Year of Quantum Science and Technoloygy (IYQ). This year-long, worldwide initiative will celebrate the contributions of quantum science to technological progress over the past century, raise global awareness of its importance to sustainable development in the 21st century, and ensure that all nations have access to […]

Most Important Discoveries in Physics: A Personal View

This article is my personal view of the most important discoveries in Physics. However, in light of some of the great mysteries mentioned at the end of this article, I believe that perhaps the greatest discoveries in physics are yet to be discovered. There are of course other items that could easily been included in […]

The Untold Truth About Taiwan’s Real Legal Position*

The daily Western presentation of Taiwan as a functionally independent nation on the verge of being “invaded” by China flies in the face of the actual facts, as specified by global agreements recognized and codified by people on both sides of the strait. Professor of Law Richard Cullen reports on the actual legal situation, and […]

Some Thoughts on AI and Frontiers of Science

About three and a half years ago, we posted an article “Some Thoughts on How We can Experience and Learn from the Past Virtually” in which we raised the question “Whether we can make use of the information from the past, not only to relive past events, but also to make use of that information […]

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