2 Responses to “Panel Discussion on “Changing U.S.-China Relations and Their Impact on Chinese In the U.S. and Elsewhere” **”

  1. Roger S. Dong says:

    Hello Don Tow,
    Thanks for all your updates.
    May I introduce myself, as I lecture on modern China and have views on China, Taiwan and the United States that gives a slightly different view of this this triangular relationship as well as the big tensions between us and China.
    My background is different from the scholars and experts we find everywhere. I am a retired intelligence officer who has been following China since 1972. I have knowledge of China that is rarely incorporated by most “experts.” I call myself a China specialist and don’t consider myself an expert.
    Served 37+years in the Air Force and Department of Defense and recognized by the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Defense Intelligence and Director of Central Intelligence for my report writing during my long military/intelligence career. I am the most highly decorated intelligence officer in the nation. I must state that there are many intelligence officers who have served who are more competent than I, but I was in the right place at the right time and received recognition for my information reporting.
    My current lecture is “The United States, China and Taiwan.” My lecture provides details of modern China, the CCP, the Central Committee, the Politboro and the Standing Committee of the Politboro (SCP). It includes some details of the history of Xi Jinping, who is the major Chinese leader today.
    The main point of my talk is that the leaders of China in the SCP is to achieve the China Dream, which is to be the most powerful economy nation in the world. That is their number 1 priority. Any conflict with America will threaten their top priority, therefore, I have been explaining that a conflict over Taiwan is highly unlikely.
    To date, my logical explanation has been correct and contradicts many experts who have been warning about imminent conflict for the past 2 years.
    If you need me to participate in any discussion, I am available.
    Roger S. Dong, Lt Colonel, USAF (retired), Chairman, Chinese American Heroes

  2. Tim Zebo says:

    Sadly, aren’t we watching the CCP behave like a 4 year-old???

    Imagine the different response the CCP would evoke from Taiwan if, instead of constantly sending warplanes on “surprise visits” close to Taiwanese air space!!!, the CCP would help Taiwan solve its (e.g.) air pollution, Summer heat, or typhoon problems!!!

    Or, if not, why not?

    What am I missing here?

    “Taiwan reports China’s largest incursion yet to air defence zone.

    China has stepped up its diplomatic, military and economic pressure in recent years on the self-governed island to accept Beijing’s rule.”


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