3 Responses to “Implications of Trump’s Presidency for the U.S. and the World: Part I”

  1. Tim Zebo says:


    Thanks for a terrific summary! Since “moral integrity and honesty” underpin all human behaviors, the one I worry most about is the point you make here: “Trump’s ambiguous position on the recent Jamal Khashoggi murder has raised serious question on his moral integrity and honesty,”

    I’m looking forward to reading Part II where you’ll have the top 3 actions we can take to CHANGE our current government’s policies on the environment, the huge increase in gov’t debt, and especially increase our “harmony with others”, right? 😉

    Thanks again,


  2. Jim Raevis says:

    Couple of grammatical issues: “ricing sea level” should be “rising sea level”, “assessing our presidential candidates or our President.” should be “for our President.” Now comments: (1) Jobs, I always shy away from this topic because numbers can be very misleading. Meaning, while there may be more jobs, they in most cases are not as well paying as an individual’s earlier employment. You did touch on it briefly. An individual might have lost a position that they subsequently require more than one job to equate to the previous compensation level (i.e. a full time and a part time position). (2) I also shy away from “unemployment rates” due to the way they are calculated. It’s only a ratio of those on the “unemployment roles” vs. those that are employable and are looking for employment. Lets say that this month 100,000 people lost their jobs, no one was hired anywhere and 100,000 people exhausted their unemployment benefits. As far as the federal government is concerned the unemployment rate didn’t change because the same number of individuals are on the unemployment roles…wow is that a skewed way of playing with facts! Another way they play with facts, was when several years ago the fed anticipated a loss of 240,000 jobs in January [due to the holidays being over] and discovered that there was only a loss of 140,000 jobs. So what did the fed state, “that there was a gain of 100,000 jobs” in January. Wow, was that an unbelievable way of skewing information. (3) In the Stock Market section you wrote, “Below is a table showing the performance of the S&P 500 for the last 25 years.” but the table is from 2003 to 2018, that’s only 15 years. (4) You can also update the December 31, 2018 number tomorrow and subsequently alter your closing paragraph.
    General comment: Kudos to you Don on researching and putting down so much in so little space. A lot of work obviously went into this article. As far as I’m concerned global warming is our number one environmental issue. FYI, my number two environmental issue is plastics and its detrimental effect on the ocean.

  3. Don says:


    Thanks for your comments. Thanks also for catching 2 typos: rising sea level, instead of ricing sea level, and for the S&P 500 Index, I cut off the table and showed only 16 years (2003-2018) even though the quoted reference showed 25 years of data. Also, a few days ago, I did update the 12/31/2018 closing price for the S&P 500 Index, as you had also indicated.

    However, the phrase “assessing our presidential candidates or our President” is correct, because it refers to the situation when people are candidates for the president and the situation when one of them has become the president.


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