3 Responses to “What Can Be Learned from China’s New Air Defense Identification Zone?”

  1. Y.L. YEN says:


    Thank you again to present a true and powerful statement of the issue related to US and China

    I am puzzled about why does Obama want to and claim to “rebalance the power” of
    Eastern Asia and moving aggressively 60% of the force to this area.
    We are the number one; there is no need to prove it repeatedly with milinary forces.

    Do we plan to ignite a war in Eastern Asia? A war that is going to kill people, destroy families
    and put millions of people without home? A war that is thousand miles away from us
    but has a potential to create a huge disaster to planet for no justifiable sense.


    Y.L. Yen

  2. julie says:

    I appreciate the very clear and thoughtful analysis of China’s ” air identification zone” by Don Tow.
    Thank you Don for taking the trouble and researching into history to reflect what is real and what is not.
    We need to remain vigilant and not give into “China hysteria” promulgated by the American media or we become part of the ignorance that is pervasive in any society.

  3. Agnes says:

    There is a TED talk by an economist named Dambisa Moyo on the subject of China. It is 16 minutes long and really worth to listen to it. She shares the same view as you that China is not as dangerous as Western media portrayed.


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