3 Responses to “What Can Be Done So Japan Will Acknowledge History?”

  1. Okja Cho says:

    Hi Don

    Excellent articles, thanks.

    I did volunteer work for sexual slavery (comfort women) issues since my younger days; perhaps that is the reason that I do not have one single Japanese made item in my household! Never had Japanese car! Always checked consumer report before buying a car; consumer report magazine chose top few best cars from Japanese made for last few decades, but that did not make any difference to me. Although someone once told me that many of these cars are not made in Japan, my answer is that it does not matter, Japanese cars are Japanese cars, and a lot of the profit goes back to Japan. I am proud of my stance. My current car is ChevPrizm, American but engine is Japanese, sorry to say. Let’s try harder in terms of supply, manufacturer and consumer as well as international event to pressure Japanese government. Do not overlook housewives when addressing buying power, especially items smaller than cars.

    Hard working leaders and general population together we can do it!

    Have a wonderful day Don.


  2. Zenyi says:

    Yes, agree.
    For all the Chinese Engineers, please try to replace all Japanese made “components” as well in your product design.

    In addition, need to keep making the WWII related historical movies or video games! Because younger generation watch Video more than written history!
    Those movies will spark the interests for people to want to learn more about those historical events!

    Also, for the tourist companies, maybe it would be a good selling point to start a route similar to “silk road trip” to take the young people from the beginning of the Japanese invasion to the end so that people can “feel” it rather than just read it from the books. Maybe, Chinese government ($$ to waste on those unneeded high risers) can “provide funding” to organize this kind of trips for the younger generation so that they will learn it rather than just “read” the books 🙂


  3. gan says:

    When american navy was winning pacific battles, 1944 japan military raided villages rounded up thousands young men and women treated them like criminals hands tied behind backs and to each other boarded ships to top secret japan military site like unit 731, moon island
    was a fortified prison with huge fences walls. Over 3000 forced to slave labour making metal parts for military use.
    Heavily guarded by brutal japan soldiers they were locked in prison cells
    many who tried to escape rebel were tortured in torture chambers
    the only chinese to leave island were dead corpses
    communists resistence groups towards end of ww2 finally attacked the island
    to free slave labourers.

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