6 Responses to “Diao Yu Tai Student Movement: Recollection 40 Years Later”

  1. Rich Braverman says:


    Thanks for your usual interesting postings.

    I believe that at least part of the US position with regard to China was the anti-communist policy. It is not possible in my view for a democracy and a dictatorship to become or remain friends. When the Chinese people overthrow their rulers and establish a free society things will be much better in China and with relations with the world community.


  2. Don says:


    Thanks for your comments. I think we need to recognize and respect that different countries may evolve in different ways because of different historical circumstances. If a country is facing strong foreign aggressions and serious internal survival problems such as having enough food to feed the population, is democracy the most important near-term objective? It may turn out that while you are working on that objective, you lose your country due to the external or internal problems. Furthermore, it is not the case that the U.S. government was just waiting for the Chinese people to get rid of the Communists, the U.S. repeatedly engaged in imperialistic actions to weaken China. The U.S. may talk a good game of a peace-seeking country, but its actions showed otherwise.


  3. Hu Zushu says:

    Dear Don,

    Nice to see your article about the DYT Movement. Very well written!
    The attitude of the Americans towards China in 1951 had probably much to do with the outbreak of the Korean War which turned the Cold War into a military conflict. At that time the anticommunist McCarthyites in the U.S. regarded “Red China” as their No. 2 if not No. 1 enemy. The 1951 S.F. Peace Treaty was therefore signed as a means to contain China. The ROC government could not care about anything but its own survival; that was why they signed a similar treaty with Japan a year later.

    Best regards

  4. Rob Liao says:

    Well Written history!

    Unfortunately , we can see despite the historical facts and right. Japanese is still going against the facts. They are going to play themself an illegal Sale (from a claimed Japanese island owner) and Buy (the JP government.) This has violated the regional harmony. The japanese imperialism has re-appeared!

  5. Sam Lau says:

    In the SF Peace Treaty, the US never used the name DaiYu Island but used the Japanese name Senkaku. That was obvious that the US wanted Japan have that island.

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