7 Responses to “Can the American Dream Be Continued?”

  1. Martin Tu says:

    Hi Don-

    This is a great article!
    You have observed the history, analyzed the contemporary events, and provided your insights at individual / social / national level.
    It is pretty educational for me.


  2. Great article. Thanks. Lin

  3. Tim Zebo says:

    Adam Smith would likely agree. See:http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/30/us/30iht-currents.html?pagewanted=1&ref=weekinreview
    “If you have either no indignation at the injuries I have suffered, or none that bears any proportion to the resentment which transports me, we can no longer converse upon these subjects,” he wrote. “We become intolerable to one another. I can neither support your company, nor you mine. You are confounded at my violence and passion, and I am enraged at your cold insensibility and want of feeling.”
    —Adam Smith, “Moral Sentiments”

  4. Joan Shiau says:

    Dear Don,
    Your opinion is so great.
    I agree that.

  5. Michael Liew says:

    Dear Don,

    A good article.I enjoyed reading it.

    The centre of gravity of economic growth is shifting gradually to China and India.

  6. Tim Zebo says:

    A link to a new book that’s very relevant to your post:
    “The Emphatic Civilization is a fascinating book that boldly challenges the conventional view of human nature embedded in our educational systems, business practices, and political culture — a view that sees human nature as detached, rational, and objective, and sees individuals as autonomous agents in pursuit primarily of material self-interest. And it seeks to replace that view with a counter-narrative that allows humanity to see itself as an extended family living in a shared and interconnected world.”

  7. Chunyan Li says:


    Thorough analysis from a unique angle. As I look at my children (second generation American) toil in their studies, I ask constantly this question, will they achieve the American Dream, especially a subtle assumption that the younger generation will be better than the older generation?

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