Trying to Understand Why Taiji Has So Many Health Benefits

Modern medical/scientific research in the last 25 years have shown that practicing Taiji can give rise to a variety of health benefits. These benefits include:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces body pains
  • Increases immunity
  • Improves physical functions
  • Provides positive psychological impacts
  • Helps with Parkinson disease and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Improves general health

The author recently published an article summarizing the health benefits of Taiji based on these modern medical/scientific research. [1]  The present article extracts the part of that published article on why Taiji can give rise to such benefits.  After we discuss the fundamental principles of Taiji, then we will discuss how these fundamental principles can give rise to various health benefits..

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Chinese Americans: Past, Present, and Future

Developments in the U.S., China, and the rest of the world, especially in the last three-to-four decades have undergone great changes. How the U.S. views China, and also how the U.S. views Chinese Americans have also undergone great changes. In order to understand how this relationship may develop in the future and to help shape that relationship, it is important to review briefly the past history of Chinese Americans in the U.S., and to assess the current situation. We then discuss possible future paths and how best to shape that future. This is important not only for Chinese Americans, but also for the U.S., China, and the rest of the world.

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Back Pain and Taiji

Taiji (also spelled Tai Chi), an ancient Chinese martial art, can be a very effective exercise to avoid and to relieve back pains. This article discusses why.

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