Tailoring Taiji Classes to Audience – II

This is a follow-on article to the article I posted two years ago with the same title “Tailoring Taiji Classes to Audience.”  In this new article, I elaborate more on three types of Taiji students:  Those with mobility handicaps, those with memory handicaps, and children.  The key concept is how to teach Taiji to each of these groups so that they can keep their interest and concentration, and at the same time what they learn to do in class is beneficial to them.  It turns out that a subset of the stretching and Qigong exercises that we usually do as warm up exercises to prepare the students’ bodies and minds to do Taiji are good exercises for these types of students, especially for the mobility-handicapped and memory-handicapped students.  The challenge to attract children requires some additional tailoring and creativity.
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“A Teacher’s Reflection: 2017 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour” by Lisa Wiater, English Teacher at Ridgewood High School, Ridgewood, NJ*

The 2017 Peace and Reconciliation Asia Study Tour [1] was a two-week immersion program created to learn about WWII history in Asia.  It allowed me to gain knowledge that I could have never obtained by reading a book.  As a public high school teacher, I firmly believe that study tours are an invaluable way to educate teachers, for the knowledge that is gained is spread to family, friends, colleagues, and of course, students. Read More »