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Some Comments on the Mind Set to Learn Taiji

Taiji has been around for centuries and people have been learning Taiji for generations, and new classes are being taught to new learners all the time. This article offers some thoughts on the mind set one should have for learning Taiji. Taiji is a wonderful skill to have.  It can provide you with an exercise […]

Demonstrating Yin Yang “Fa-Jin” Force and Potential Application to American Football

This article describes a technique known, demonstrated, and practiced for at least a couple of hundreds of years. It is part of the technique known as “Fa-Jin” (发劲), which is practiced in many internal martial arts such as Taiji. Fa-Jin means to issue or discharge a large amount of power, and it is not specific […]

A Historic Settlement for Sherry Chen Against U.S. Government’s Wrongful Prosecutions**

Background of Sherry Chen: Sherry Chen was a hydrologist working at the Wilmington, Ohio office of the National Weather Service (NWS). NWS is an agency in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which is part of the federal government’s Department of Commerce. The NWS is the world’s largest weather organization, employing approximately 4,700 persons. […]

Mindfulness and Taiji

Mindfulness and Taiji September 2022 No Comments Edit This article describes a clinical trial study that shows how Taiji can improve mindfulness, sleep quality, and overall well being of young adults in colleges. Mindfulness means that the mind is focused on the present task at hand, being aware of the environment but at least for […]

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