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The Essence of Taijiquan Part 2: Perspective from Taiji Qigong

In the August 2007 release of this website, I wrote the first part of a two-part series on “The Essence of Taijiquan.”  That Part 1 article described the “Perspective from Taiji Push Hands.”  Part 2 in this release describes the “Perspective from Taiji Qigong.”  This article will briefly address the following three questions:  What is […]

Reflections on Atrocities in Asia During WWII

Seventy years have passed since the Nanking Massacre.  The Nanking Massacre is undeniable, because it was witnessed and well documented at that time by many people, including western journalists, businessmen, diplomats, missionaries, and other international observers.  However, the Japanese government has never officially (i.e., with a resolution passed by their Parliament) admitted to the Nanking […]

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