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Why Meditation Is An Important Part of Taiji and Qigong

Introduction:  In an earlier article “Meditation: An Often Neglected Component of Taiji Practice”, it stated that there are three major components of Taiji practice:  Forms, Push Hands, and Meditation.  Essentially all Taiji practitioners practice Forms, and those who are interested in Taiji as a martial art most likely would also practice or have practiced Push […]

Evangelical Christians, the Ten Commandments, and 2016 Presidential Election

Introduction:  The results of the recently completed presidential election in the U.S. showed that it was an extremely close election won by Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton.  Trump won the electoral vote by 306 versus 232, but Clinton won the popular vote 48.5% versus 46.4%, or 65,853,516 votes versus 62,984,825.  In the exit polls, there […]

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