Archive for December 2006

Yin-Yang Theory and Martial Applications of Taijiquan

The fundamental concept behind Taijiquan and the basis for its martial applications is clearly represented by the yin-yang symbol for Taijiquan: In Taijiquan, one almost never counters against an attacking force with an opposite frontal counter force with the purpose of overpowering that attacking force with a larger counter force.  Instead, the Taijiquan practitioner usually […]

No Man’s Land: A True Event from WWII

An event occurred on December 24, 1941 in Hong Kong that almost shattered our family’s lives and had a bearing on my very existence.  It was a cold, chilly evening on that Christmas Eve.  The streets were dark and quiet after the sun had set.  Very few people were walking on the streets, not so […]

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