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Several Examples of Qigong Self Massage Exercises

In the previous March 2016 Release of my website, the article “What Is Qigong?” provides a classification structure of four components of Qigong exercises: Lower Abdominal Breathing (also called Dan Tian Breathing) Collecting Qi, Dispelling Qi, or Focusing Qi Circulating Qi (Standing or Moving Meditation) Self-Healing Exercises and Other Integrated Qigong Sets We also gave […]

U.S.-Japan Partnership: Partnership for What?

The U.S. was founded 240 years ago based on freedom and democracy.  It is supposed to serve as a beacon of hope for people who want to seek justice and to right past wrongs.  However, if we examine the U.S.-Japan relationship since the end of WWII, especially that relationship in recent years, we can only […]

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