One Response to “U.S. Foreign Policy: Not Acknowledging History and Tempting Starting a Nuclear War”

  1. S. B. Woo says:

    Dear Don:

    You have the courage to select “untouchable” topics and discuss it openly. That is very rare in the Chinese American community, and in the mainstream media. I salute you for that.

    However, I like to encourage you to greatly improve the quality of your publications. One example is your statement “then it crosses the openly stated red line of the People’s Republic of China,”. When you raise such a point, you are obligated to tell your readers what this “openly stated red line of PRC” is, and reference your source(s). Your current publications read to me that you are stating your personal views. It lacks the authority of a carefully researched article.

    Thank you. Please keep doing what you are doing, but greatly improve the quality of your publications. S. B. Woo

    PS: I don’t understand your 2nd and 3rd boxes above. Please give more explanation. Thank you.

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