4 Responses to “China Is Not United States’ Enemy”

  1. tong zeng says:

    This article is very objective and profound. Six reasons show that China is not an enemy of the United States.

  2. S. B. Woo says:

    I like this article. Your usage of the format: “If China were the U.S.’ enemy, China would have … China does not. But the United States does …”
    is quite effective. However, most of the 6 examples you gave can perhaps be explained away by the realization that the US is the established power and China is the rising power. The established power naturally has more alliances, military bases and underground operations. Overall, however, I admired your effort to induce peaceful competition between the US and China.
    Thank you.

  3. Diane Bannon says:

    These are thought provoking points that pose options for deeper thinking. Unless we hear all sides our opinion is biased and limited. Great points and talking points.

  4. Sharon says:

    Valid points are shown in this article.

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