4 Responses to “Diao Yu Tai Student Movement: Recollection 50 Years Later”

  1. Qingyan Zhao says:

    Thanks for the writing, the history was very well and clearly written, very informative. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Kuang-lu Lee says:

    Thanks for writing a concise history of the movement. It will be a good reference for the future generations.

  3. christina leung says:

    Your thorough account of DYT Student Movement lead audience understand better its significance and impact on modern world politics. Hopefully, Americans will be aroused before plunging into further follies.

  4. Sharon Dolled says:

    Well written. I believe that with our current president always being anti-China, it will hurt any current hopes to get back those islands. I resent when I still hear him call the Covid virus the Chinese virus.

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