A Letter to Mr. Biden and His Presidential Campaign Strategy Team

A letter via an email I sent on 5/11/2010 to Mr. Biden and his presidential campaign strategy team. It was a response to a recent email from him (or his campaign) to solicit a donation from me.


This is my reply to your 4/29/2020 email asking me for a donation for your presidential campaign and the Democratic Unity Fund. 

First, let me say that I am a strong critic of President Trump and I would like to support Mr. Biden to be the next President of the U.S. and other Democratic candidates running for office in the 2020 election.

I think we are offered a golden opportunity to defeat Trump and to remove from office many incumbent national, state, and local Republicans.  The main reason is due to the performance track record of Trump and the whole Republican Party during the last 3 years and 4 months:

  • Trump’s incompetence in his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • His disregard for laws and the American constitution in his dismissal of the Russia interference in the U.S.’s 2016 presidential election and his pressure campaign in Ukraine in 2019
  • His behavior as a dictator, with the latest example of Attorney William Barr’s dismissal of the ruling against former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who had pleaded guilty twice to lying to the FBI
  • His cronyism and surrounding himself with only yes people as clearly demonstrated in his firing of many courageous Americans who dared to speak the truth
  • His policies have widened the inequality in the American society and increased racism and sexism
  • His policies always benefit the rich and neglect the welfare of the working class and poor people
  • His mismanagement of the trade war and insisting on building a border wall with Mexico
  • His non-stop lying
  • The complete lack of respect by other Republican leaders for our constitution’s separation of power and checks and balances to keep Trump from destroying our American democracy

The above track records provide ample reasons for removing Trump and his Republican yes-people from power, and provide critical and convincing arguments to choose Mr. Biden over Trump. If Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party would seize and focus on this poor performance record of Trump and the Republican Party, then you will be able to defeat Trump and the Republican Party come this November.

However, if Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party would try to outdo Trump in his bashing of China as in Mr. Biden’s recent “Unprepared” ad [1], then Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party will be unable to seize this golden opportunity, because instead of attacking Trump’s poor performance record  where he is so vulnerable, your trying to outdo Trump in his bashing of China is not based on facts, and furthermore you are supporting Trump’s scapegoat excuse for his mistakes and incompetency.

China did not create the new coronavirus.  On 12/31/2019, about a month after mysterious illnesses first appeared in Wuhan, China, the Chinese government alerted the WHO about these mysterious illnesses.  On 1/11/2020, Chinese scientists posted to the world the genome of the mysterious new virus (now known as COVID-19).  This led shortly after to WHO developing a template for preparing tests.  Then many countries (such as Germany and South Korea) used this information to successfully develop diagnostic tests for COVID-19.  Unfortunately, our country did not use the WHO template, and instead tried to develop our own test which took a long time to develop and the initial tests did not work.

Yes, China made some mistakes in its initial handling of this new mysterious infection, but it is understandable that such mistakes could have easily occurred in light of the newness of this infection.  Just look how the U.S. and other countries on multiple occasions have revised their statistics and understanding of the origin and methods of spreading of this virus.

Almost on every step of the way, Trump has completely mismanaged our country’s response to COVID-19.  After wasting about more than two months of critical time, he tried to cover up his own mistakes and find a scapegoat in China.

If Mr. Biden follows the same path, he is essentially validating Trump’s excuse and incorrectly and unfairly putting the blame on China.  Furthermore, the kind of ads like “Unprepared” is not convincing and is unlikely to gain the support of other Democrats and undecided voters, and definitely not any Trump supporter.

Another consequence is that you help to create phobic against China and Chinese Americans, as well as Asian Americans.  This just contributes to more racism in our country.  Does Mr. Biden want to scare away and lose the votes and support of Chinese Americans, as well as Asian Americans which is the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in the U.S.

Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party need the votes and support of a cross spectrum of Americans, including a progressive coalition as well as younger voters.  Your campaign must be based on criticizing the lousy performance record of Trump and the Republican Party, instead of finding a scapegoat in China.

Mr. Biden, do you want to seize this golden opportunity and provide leadership and hope to restore our great country as the beacon of the world, or do you want to go down in history as the person who caused this great country to suffer through another four years of Trump?

[1] This “Unprepared” ad was launched on 4/18/2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmieUrXwKCc

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5 Responses to “A Letter to Mr. Biden and His Presidential Campaign Strategy Team”

  1. S B. Woo says:

    it’s very nicely written. Thank you, Don.

  2. Jim McCorkel says:

    Hi Don,

    Your letter to Mr.Biden is “spot on”! I will follow up with a similar statement later today addressed to Mr. Biden.

    All the best,

    Jim McCorkel


  3. Peter Li says:

    Good job Don. You should post it on Facebook and reach more people—something like an open letter to Joe Biden.

  4. Sharon Dolled says:

    I despised hearing Trump call Covid the “Chinese Virus”. It was, among so many other statements of his, ignorant and not based on fact.

  5. Pastor Paul L. Chang says:

    I have been in the states for more than 40 years. Since 1984 I always voted our presidents. It seems that it’s a choice of 2 evils.
    Int’l situations are changing so quick. I’d make my vote this time who can save democracy in the world. I am not from HK. But HK is a test water showing how Am will handle Sino-Am competition in the Far East. Being an immigrant from ROC (Taiwan), I always watch closely who can protect Taiwan and Far East from the newly rising communist China under Xi Jinping.

    So my understand will be different from the 2020 June letter by my good friend. How Trump handle HK crisis will have heavy weight of my Nov vote.


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