4 Responses to “Trump Legacy: Changing Standard for Assessing a Political Leader”

  1. carolyn schwebel says:

    Well done, Don,
    i have shared it! Thanks for the research

  2. Steve Baer says:


    Nice to hear from you again. I always valued our conversations. I still think of you whenever I hear the song “Cats in the Cradle.”

    With regard to your analysis, there are many times that Trump’s statements make me cringe and I wish I could help him get his facts, thoughts, and words better organized. There were also better-spoken candidates that I would have voted for. But you fail to understand several key points:

    1 – There is a sizable portion of our Country that wants a strong (benevolent) country that has the rule of law respected. This extends to having an orderly, well planned and systematic immigration system. We do not have this today. (Perhaps Canada comes close to it.) They also want a fair tariff system. That portion of our Country strongly supports President Trump.

    2 – Many of those supporters do not trust the news media. Up until the last week, I thought they were being paranoid, but I have now changed my mind. For example, in the past week I saw Gail King of CBS News (and others) very clearly editorialize during the main news segment. Those comments might have been perfectly appropriate for an Editorial segment (with equal time for other views), but they were carried in the main part of the main news hour. I am now thinking that what I thought was paranoia of the far right may have had some basis in fact. (FYI – I do not watch FOX.)

    I think that the liberal side of the Country definitely has some basis to distrust President Trump (as I do Hillary Clinton, who was never mentioned in your analysis). But they are really missing something important when they become content believing that is the only (or even the major part of the) problem. Once you get outside the big cities there is an electorate that believes that the Country is headed in the wrong direction.

    P.S. – I don’t want you to think that I automatically favor one party over the other in all things. For example, I much prefer Elizbeth Warren’s calls for more banking control over the current Republican approach. The same goes for many other issues such as the environment.


    Steve Baer

  3. Sylvia Lu says:

    Great article! Love to share it with people with conscience.

  4. Don says:


    Thanks for your comments. Even if we set aside differences of opinions on policies, a political leader should not constantly lie and distort facts, and make false accusations against others. Yes, there are many issues facing the American society that people may have very different opinions. But distorting facts and making outright lies about himself and others should not be how the president of the U.S. behaves and runs the country.


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