2 Responses to “Looking East and West”

  1. Ed Chen says:

    It would strongly depend on who is leading the country. The difference between rich and poor in China is still huge. This will be a problem for China, no matter who will be the one leading the country……

  2. Tim Zebo says:

    One organization that’s helped connect dissidents in closed societies with people around the world with skills to help is movements.org: https://www.movements.org/en/movements/about-movements/about-movements/

    Two examples related to China are (see: https://www.movements.org/en/movements/about-movements/success-stories/ ):
    1. “A group fighting censorship in China needed help forming a nonprofit organization. A lawyer in the U.S. saw the request and agreed to take their case.”
    2. “A team of technologists needed an attorney to help start a nonprofit that would overcome the great fire wall of China. A lawyer with expertise in U.S. nonprofit law volunteered to help them out. ”

    As word spreads about this new resource within China, hopefully more and more people there can be helped by it.

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