4 Responses to “U.S. Needs Another Anson Burlingame”

  1. David Chai says:

    Bravo, well said. Let’s hope the main-stream media will pick this up to initiate a National Dialog on our Foreign Policy. Are we really helping peaceful co-existence with all other nations, or are we so arrogant that we can dictate regime change just because we don’t like some current regimes?
    David Chai

  2. Y.L. Yen says:


    Are we allowed to pick up the links of articles at your website and added to our
    emails, comments or other interactions with other parties?

    Many thanks for your contribution.


  3. Don says:


    By all means. please feel free to circulate the links to any of these articles. Thanks.


  4. Walter Ko says:


    Reviewing history helps shape the future. Hope it will shake up the hawks in Washington in giving peace a chance!

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