3 Responses to “The U.S.’s Military-Industrial-Academic Complex”

  1. Rich Braverman says:


    Thank you for the interesting account of the history of the disputed Islands. Based on your evidence I agree that China should have ownership of them.

    Why are these islands important to anyone? Would it be worth the loss of life to start a war over them? Perhaps a solution can be found in joint administration of them for mutual advantage.

    Also during part of the history the U.S. was at war with China in Korea.



  2. Paul Lin says:

    Victims of the Nanking Massacre demand JUSTICE from the world.

  3. Ying-Ying Chang says:

    This is one of the best articles I have ever read giving such clear analysis on the recent U. S. foreign policy toward China. We need to inform more policy makers in our government what a dangerous path U.S. is leading!

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