9 Responses to “Profile in Courage and Dedication – Tamaki Matsuoka”

  1. Joseph Ma says:

    I salute you for what you are doing.

  2. Lorinda Hom says:

    I salute you and Tamaki Matsuoka for your courage and dedication!

  3. Zenyi says:

    Salute to Matsuoka san.

    Because of her act, I see the light of humanity and peace between two nations.

    We need more righteous Japanese like Matsuoka san to tell the truth to the Japanese people.

    Matsuoka is the true Samurai of Bushido (武士道) with 勇氣 yūki, 仁 jin, 誠 makoto, 名誉 meiyo, and 智 chi.


  4. Rich Braverman says:


    I also salute Matsuoka and yourself for continuing this mission to educate the world and the Japanese people of this slaughter of innocents in China.


  5. Cecilia C. says:

    Ohhhhhh…..!!! When I read this article about the admirable Matsuoka and what she has done in the name of truth, honor and ethics, I was at a loss for words appropriate enough to express my gratitude and admiration for her courage and sense of justice… I was born AFTER WWII, but the little I’ve learnt about what the Japs did in China and Southeast Asia during the war, was enough to fill me with abhorrence of those Japanese soldiers. Very fortunately, there are still honorable people like Matsuoka and her teammates around — our world is not THAT bleak and hopeless in terms of human depravity!
    May God bless you, Matsuoka, and all your family and descendants. You have created very good karma indeed!

  6. Linda Kravetz says:

    Wonderful item on Matsuoka – hers is a transcendent act of courage and humanity. By confronting this horrific and shameful crime perpetrated by her own government – even after so many years, when her country would rather forget it – she helps insure that the likes of Nanking Massacre never visit this world again. Thanks, Don for your inspiring writing.

  7. What a courageous human being! “Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others.” Churchill

  8. Tony L says:

    Matsuoka San,

    I honour you for your bravery and truth seeking attitude, doing research
    and speaking out nothing but the hard truth fact!

    What you have done and your publication serve as solid evidence that Nanking Massacre is real! As a Japanese person, you have interviewed survivors from both Japan and China to expose this cover up history of Japan in WW2. What you have done indeed is a slap in the faces of rightist Japanese and WW2 war criminal descendents who are now in the Congress of Japan, who keep on saying Nanking Massacre is a fabrication of the Chinese people and the PRC government. To all those innocent Chinese people killed in the Nanking Massacre and WW2 by the militant Japanese soldiers, not only that there is no heartfelt apology from the Japanese government similar to the German government’s apology to the Jewish people for the Holocaust in WW2, instead the Chinese people keep hearing is denying & denying & mocking !

    Japanese should not complain why there are high degrees of hatred and bitterness of Chinese people towards the Japanese because the Japanese government keeps on denying
    some very serious war crimes they have committed in WW2 towards the Chinese.

    China and Japan can have hope for peace if there are more and more people in Japan doing and behaving like what Tamaki Matsuoka has done.

  9. Hazel McDonough says:

    A truly remarkable lady to dedicate such along time , personally funding to get to the truth and keep the memory of events alive as such attrocities should never be forgotten. I salute you .

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