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The www.dontow.com is the website of Don M. Tow. It contains information in the following three topical areas (or pages):  Taiji, Political/Social Commentary, and Other Topics. 

This website began in October 2006, and the website was redesigned in the October 2008 release.  The menu for the website is shown on the left of the screen.  An explanation of the contents of this website follows.

Home:  Site Overview:  This "Home" page provides an overview of this website. 

New Articles:  Three new articles are contained in the "Taiji," "Political/Social Commentary," and "Other Topics" pages. The three new articles are respectively:

Archived Articles:  Articles published in previous releases are contained in the three archived pages:
Author Information:  A short bio of the website author can be found in the "Author" page.

Readers' Comments:
  A new feature of the redesigned website is the addition of three "comments" pages, to include those comments (or questions) from readers who want to share their comments with other readers.  The three "comments" pages are:
Readers are encouraged to submit comments (or questions).  Please send your comments via an email to
[email protected].  Please also specify whether your comments are intended for only the author of this website or for the other readers as well.  If it is the latter, I will post your comments in the appropriate "Comments" page.  You may use your real name or a pen name.  In the future, I plan to automate this process of posting the readers' comments.

Earlier releases of this website before the website redesign also had a "Soccer" page.  Because all 12 chapters of my book "Mental Aspects of Youth Soccer:  A Primer for Players, Parents, and Coaches" had already been included in the first 12 releases, the website no longer contains a Soccer page.


Access to award-winning film "Nanking"

One can see the full-length documentary film "Nanking," produced by Ted Leonsis, former Vice Chairman of AOL. This film won the 2008 Peabody Award for excellence in radio and television broadcasting. To see the 90-minute film, click here After a 30-second ad, the movie begins.



Comments (or questions) from readers are welcome.   Please specify whether you want to share your comments with only the author of this website or with the other readers.  If it is the latter, you may use your real name or a pen name, and your comments will be posted in the appropriate "Comments" page.  Please send them via an email to [email protected].