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My name is Don M. Tow.  I am a physicist by training (Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley). I worked for 35 years as a professional, the first nine years as a physicist in academia, and the next 26 years as an engineer in industry. I retired at the end of January 2006.

I have always been interested in martial arts, but did not have the opportunity or time to do any sort of extensive study or training until early 1998.  I first started learning Taijiquan in 1998 when I was working in Beijing, and since that time I have continued to take lessons in Taijiquan (from more than a dozen teachers), as well as several other martial arts.  I also practice Taijiquan on a regular basis, and I have been teaching Taijiquan since 2004.  Recently I have renewed my interest in Qigong, and have been taking lessons in Qigong from a world-class Qigong/Neigong expert.

Since my high school and college days, I have been active in social and political activities, participating in various student and community activities.  In the "Political/Social Commentary" Page and the "Other Topics" page, I will offer my perspective on selected social, political, cultural, as well as other issues.

I have developed an interest in writing, and plan to include in this website additional essays on the above topics as well as other topics.

I played soccer as a youth and also later as an adult. I coached youth soccer teams for about 10 years, and recently published the book "Mental Aspects of Youth Soccer: A Primer for Players, Parents, and Coaches."  My publisher has recently produced a 30-second video trailer of my book.  You can see the video trailer using one of the following links (it may take a few seconds or more to load the video):

If you encounter some statics in the video, view it again and the statics should go away.  If you have problem seeing the video, please send me an email to [email protected].

This book is available in the usual book stores such as

The book can also be purchased directly from me; the cost of each copy if purchased from me is $9.99, which includes free first-class shipping in the continental U.S.  Below are the pre-publication reviews of the book.

Review 1: “During my almost thirty years experience in youth soccer, I have read and reviewed numerous books and videos on soccer. … I can’t remember any of them teaching how to play without the ball and how a team can utilize space to create opportunities for scoring or better defend as Don’s book presents. … I believe that any player or coach will get a great deal of insight and useful information that will help each to become a more successful participant and gain more enjoyment in the world’s most popular sport.”

- Ben Curci, President of Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association of New Jersey, Member of New Jersey Youth Soccer Hall of Fame, and long-time coach of youth soccer traveling teams. 

Review 2: “For years I have run camps for kids, teens, adults and coaches as the soccer epidemic has grown in the US. There is a hunger for parents to learn the game and desire for many of them to coach and to lead their children and their teams well. Mr. Tow has provided a foundational read for any parent or youth coach wanting to understand the basics of the game. … Mr. Tow has a wonderful ability to break the essential components of the game down into easy to understand concepts and diagrams. Gone will be the days of coaches who simply yell, “Boot it!” or who try to impose adult systems of play on their youth teams.”

- David J. Bartels, Former professional soccer player, a four-year player at the University of Maryland, former Assistant Coach at Penn State University, National Coaching license, and directed soccer instructional camps nationwide for 10 years.

Review 3: “Coach Tow does an excellent job elucidating that although athleticism, speed, and strength have become more important in soccer players today, what separates a good team from a great team is the individual's, as well as the team’s, awareness of space, understanding of player movement, and personal creativity.”

- Bing Shen, M.D., former All New Jersey State Youth Soccer Player.




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