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"Don, again I agree with your premise. But how do we go about making the changes that you envision? Who will do what? The K-12 education system is not well. I do not see any attempt to make it better at present. The media reflects what people want etc. Will the new president address this issue? I doubt it. Will the congress do something? Will parents?

We have a materialistic society. Sports is very important to most people (myself not included). What steps to you advocate to begin a change?"

  • Author's 3/3/09, 3:01 PM response to Rich Braverman's 3/3/09, 2:39 PM comments:  "Rich, thanks for your comments.  Yes, the priority of our current society is such that sports heroes are more important, more famous, and more rewarded than academic heroes or other heroes that have greater impacts on the society.  But how much of that kind of priority is nurtured by what we emphasize at home, in schools, in the mass media, etc.  I doubt very much that small children will naturally have that kind of priority.  That kind of priority is nurtured. 

    That is precisely the point I am trying to make.  From a long-term strategic planning point of view, is that the way we want it?  If not, then we should seriously analyze how we have been nurturing that kind of priority, and take steps to change it.  Or do we need to wait till our society deteriorate to great depths before we are willing to make changes?

    I agree that my goals are probably less likely to happen than to happen.  But so many important events in history occurred against great odds, and the wise ones will anticipate and try to head off danger at the pass.

    Furthermore, the big bucks received by the athletes, coaches, and owners are not just being paid by the people who attend or watch the games, but by even ordinary citizens who do not attend or watch these games."

  • From Rich Braverman, submitted on 3/3/09, 2:39 PM, on "Misplaced Priority and Its Social Implications":  "Don, thanks again for your thoughtful analysis of an interesting subject. You make many good points that I agree with. I have one observation to add: In a free society supply and demand determine results. The reality is that people are more interested in sports than academic achievements and thus are willing to pay big bucks to attend the games etc. Society after all is made up of individuals. Your goals are commendable but not likely to happen."




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